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We provide a fully flexible commercial policies designed to meet the needs of businesses operating in the United Kingdom. With nearly 50 years commercial know how our dedicated team can advise on insurance for a wide range of industries from small start up companies to established multinationals.

Depending upon the nature of the processes involved, your business will face many challenges and associated costs. These could involve health & safety of your workforce and the public, machinery malfunction or breakdown, imports and exports regulations,  as well as the more common risks of theft, fire and flood.

It is important therefore that in addition to your standard business insurances that these extra risks are covered. Working with our team of insurance experts we will establish an understanding of your business to find an insurance solution that meets all of your needs and at a competitive price.

We work closely with all customers to understand their business and tailor the insurance solution, making sure they get the right insurance cover. We'd be keen to work with you to provide a competitive quotation.